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Who’s ready for this year’s FMMF?

The third annual Fashion Meets Music Festival is sure to be one of the hottest events Columbus sees this summer – and it’s right around the corner.


Single-Day tickets are now on sale and you can purchase them HERE!

The daily schedule has also been released! Download the schedule so you can plan out your day at FMM

F and make sure not to miss any of your favorite sets and runway shows!

Saturday FMMF 2016 Sunday FMMF 2016

Right now you can party with FMMF at Standard Hall in the Short North. Attend the official FMMF Kickoff Party on Thursday, August 4th, in Columbus, OH at the Short North’s newest hangout, Standard Hall.

The event is open to the public. See you there!

How to plan the best reunion in Columbus

How to plan the best reunion in Columbus

When planning a family reunion some great choices have always been The Columbus Zoo, Cosi or taking a 2-3 hours drive to Cedar Point and Kings Island, while all of those options are great choices, there is so much to do in our cities backyard, we can create a truly unique a memorable day right in the heart of the city.

family reunion

Eat and drink like a local 

If there is one thing Columbus has a lot of it’s the delicious restaurants and booming bar scene. 16 bit can be a fun place to go with your 20-30 somethings in the family to relive the living room video game days, or how about taking the whole family to North Market for a variety of options? Stop for desert at Jeni’s Ice Cream or Whit’s frozen custard, a treat that is sure to please the kiddies in the family.

Market Overview

Attend a Festival

In the summer there are so many festivals in Columbus it is hard to get to them all, there is bound to be something going on the weekend of your reunion date. Coming up this month is the Jazz and Ribs Fest from July 22-24. The Jazz and Ribs Fest includes delicious barbecue from pit masters around the country, as well as international jazz performances which take place among 3 different stages. A great way to celebrate family with food and great music!

Jazz and Ribs (2)

Enjoy the metro parks

Scioto Audubon offers free picnicking areas that are available on a first come, first serve basis. The Audubon also welcomes family pets and has accessible activities such as volleyball and even a climbing wall. There is also an area for boating and fishing. With Central Ohio’s 22 metro parks there are many beautiful spots for a picnic.

Photo Credit: Wilma Yoder

Take them out to a ball game

Take your family out to a ballgame! Columbus is home of the Columbus Clippers, and winner of a “Best of Ballparks.” Huntington Park offers fun for the family with games and some on site activities, mascot, sing-along songs and of course hot dogs! Huntington Park provides an affordable, fun-filled day with a variety of viewing options and pricing. For larger families, the perfect spot may be on the grass seating where you may even catch a fly ball!


Read more HERE



Considering a move to Columbus? Check out these city tours!

Considering a move to Columbus or looking to discover even more? Check out these city tours!

Whether your considering a move from the suburbs or you live in Columbus already, there are so many things to discover. A guided tour will help you brush up on your cities history, be more active, find a new favorite bar and be the go to person for out-of-town friends. Residents at our downtown apartments Arena Crossing, Flats on Vine,  Flats II know the Arena District well and enjoy its amenities, tours are a great way for current residents to branch out and expand horizons. One of the great perks of living downtown is not having to live a repetitive lifestyle, forget the chain restaurants, the big box stores and find yourself in a new and exciting place!

Cbus Bike Tours: $55-65.columbus bike tous

The addition of Cbus Bike Tours includes two tour options which include bike rental and helmet. The Trail Treasures tour is a 2.5 hour, 9 mile tour of the Scioto Mile, including the 33 acres of parkland along the Scioto River (keep your eyes open for Parks Edge progress) through downtown Columbus and the upcoming area of Franklinton. The Classic tour includes a flavor of Columbus’ urban neighborhoods.

Columbus Food Adventures: $55-60.

Expand your pallet with the Columbus Food Adventures tour. For the last five years the tour has uncovered city favorites for locals and visitors. Expert foodies lead you to the best locations the city has to offer for taste testing and talking with culinary experts throughout the city. There are options available for the food tours including a taco truck tour, neighborhood specific tours and ethnic food tours. Delicious!

Columbus Brew Adventures: $55-$65.

Columbus Brew Adventures offers tour options in both Columbus and in Grandview for Apartments at the Yard and future 828 at the Yard tenants! You can schedule a spirits and mead tour or even a pizza a beer tour! The tours even includes a designated driver! Columbus loves their local brews, know where to get the best suds in the city!

Read more HERE 


Where to Hunt for Pokemon in the Arena District
pokemonDowntown Columbus has always been a hive of activity with tons of great events in the Arena District. While it is typically a stomping ground for die hard sports fans (we see you Blue Jackets fans), concert goers, and young professionals  looking to make their big break, it has recently become overrun with a new kind of swarm – Pokemon. The Arena District is swarming with characters of all shapes and sizes, and it is up to YOU to catch them all. Here are some places to look.

Goodale Park

Located just two blocks from the Arena District and running parallel to High Street and the Short North, Goodale Park is always brimming with activity – especially in the summer. Since the Pokemon Go fever has taken America by storm, the park has been teeming with trainers. And with good reason, as the park has been highly-populated with various creatures as of late. Notable Pokemon include Drowzee and Ekans.

McFerson Commons

One of the best venues in Columbus for music festivals, McFerson Commons is also a gathering place for lunch time Pokemon hunters to find Zubats, Weedles, and even a Jigglypuff or two. Grab a bite at one of the local restaurants like Boston’s Gourmet Pizza or Nada while you refuel so you can catch and train even more Pokemon!

Nationwide Arena

Not only do several of the landmarks (AEP Tower) serve as PokeStops, Nationwide Arena itself is a Pokemon Training Gym and it’s one that you will want to fight for. You and other players can gain XP by pitting your captured Pokemon against other opponents in the area, but only if you’ve played Pokémon Go long enough to reach level five (just admit it… you have). Now there is a turf-war to gain control of the Training Gym at Nationwide Arena. Admit it… you want to own it!

Gordon Biersch

On top of being a great PokeStop, there are wonders abounding inside the brewery. For any adult Pokemon hunters, stop in and grab a locally-brewed beer while you wait to capture the illusive pocket monsters at this tasty Columbus restaurant.

Huntington Park

The Columbus Clippers even invited fans out to Huntington Park to play Pokémon Go for a special Pokemon hunt. Once inside Huntington Park fans had the opportunity to roam the concourse, stands and even the outfield grass in attempts to catch Pokemon and build their Pokedex!


North Market

For a great family outing take all your trainers or meet up with your Pokemon team to grab lunch at North Market and catch them all.

The Scioto Mile

One of the most beautiful walkway and biking trail in Downtown Columbus, the newly refinished Scioto Mile is chuck full of Pokemon trainers on the hunt to catch even more of these creatures. Magmar sightings have been noted along with the rare Pidgeot. This loop also takes you near the Columbus State House which is brimming with PokeStops.

Pokemon Go Map of Columbus Ohio

Need some help with all of the legwork that goes with hunting Pokemon in a big city? Actual Brewing is organizing a Pokemon Safari Beer Bus where Pokemon Trainers can join up and catch them all while drinking them all.

As always, game creators and city officials ask that players be mindful of their surroundings while hunting down Pokemon, and to stay safe. Happy hunting!

Get some outdoor time this weekend at the Scioto Audubon!

Get Outdoor Time this weekend at the Scioto Audubon!

The Scioto Audubon offers many activities including an obstacle course, biking, fishing, rock climbing, boating and dog park! With close proximity to our downtown Columbus apartments, residents at Arena Crossing, Apartments at the Yard, Flats on Vine and Flats II have quick access to one of the best parks Columbus, Ohio has to offer!

Photo Credit: Elaine-Farrington Johnson

Get Exercise! 

With a 2 mile biking trial down the Scioto Greenway Trail, Columbus Rotary Obstacle Course, and three towers of 35 ft. rock climbing wall, you’re sure to get a good workout and can plan some weekly training exercises at the Scioto Audubon. The Obstacle course features a quarter-mile running track plus a tire run and flip, 8 foot wall, tunnel crawl, balance beams, monkey bars, cargo climb, belly climb, over/under and a log run! Get some!

Photo Credit: Wilma Yoder

Get Water Play!

Happy Trails from the Scioto Audubon boat ramp down the Scioto River, you can  launch your boat, canoe or kayak! You can also get in touch with your inner fisherman with options to fish from the boat ramp or an elevated fishing dock. Who would have thought you can experience fishing and boating in the heart of downtown Columbus? Is there anything you can’t do in the city?

Photo Credit: Marshall Reese

Get Family Time! 

Picnicking is a lot of fun at the Scioto Audubon and is available on a first come, first serve basis. The three picnic shelters include tables and grills, and feature age appropriate play equipment for kids, interactive electronic game, sand volleyball courts and play fields for grass sports. The pets are a part of the family too- domesticated dogs and cats are permitted in picnic areas and designated pet trails. There is a separate area in the Scioto Audubon which includes 2.5 acres, and features separate areas for small and large dogs, including an agility course.

Wilfred scioto mile

The Scioto Audubon offers many resources for residents of downtown Columbus apartments and condos to Get Active!

Get more information Here.

Patio Palooza… or should we say FIESTA at Nada!

It’s time to kick off this patio palooza… or should we say fiesta!

The city of Columbus is full of bars and restaurants that specialize in all kinds of margaritas: sickly-sweet or clean and bright, made with mix or fresh-squeezed juice, purist or inventive, frozen or on the rocks, served on an intimate outdoor patio or in a boozy bar scene. But here in the Arena District near downtown Columbus, one restaurant has the best combination – vibrant and bold margarita flavors paired with an eclectic patio just steps from Nationwide Arena and our downtown Columbus apartments.

Nada 2


Nada’s patio is perfect for apartment dwellers, concert goers, young professionals, and devoted sports fans of all kinds. Located just west of Nationwide Arena, Nada is centrally located for anyone who might be headed down to the Arena District for a Columbus Clipper’s game or for a concert at either Nationwide Arena or EXPRESS LIVE! It’s just a short walk away from any resident living at Flats on Vine, Flats II, or Arena Crossing.  Nada is across the street from McFerson Commons which makes the patio the perfect hangout for any Columbus music festival goer to grab some drinks and a quick bite to eat in between rocking’ out to some incredible music.

nada 1


Nada offers mood lifting, drool worthy, Mexican-inspired food & drink with heartfelt hospitality. Nada’s menu features a contemporary take on Mexican and they have some of the best tacos in downtown Columbus. Their menu includes multiple new dishes like the Durango BBQ “Pastor” which has chili-marinated pork, pickled white onion, and guajillo Diablo sauce. Another fan favorite is their new Asian-fusian inspired SeÑor Mu Shu which has Modelo and ginger braised pork, sesame, ancho hoison sauace and a fresh lime cabbage slaw to tie it all together. But you can see their whole menu here.

Nada has the best patio in Columbus 2

But if you and your friends or other apartment neighbors are looking to beat the summer heat, there is no better way to do it than with a nice cold glass of one of Nada’s specialty margaritas. If you are looking for a more traditional margarita on the rocks that isn’t too sweet then go with the classic Nadarita made with tequila, lime juice, triple sec and honey. If you are looking for something a little more daring try the spicy and sweet Chile-Mango margarita. It’s made with El Jimador Blanco tequila, ancho chile, fresh mango and pineapple. This drink packs a punch with a slow burn that feels so good. You can also order off their cocktail menu – the Caipirinha (we don’t know how to pronounce this either… just point to the menu) is a Mexican mystery that offers a lap-dance for your taste buds. See their full drink menu here. 

Nada has the best patio in Columbus 3

Whatever your food and drink choices, the patio at Nada is sure to set the perfect mood. Want to bring some ladies down for a Mexican-inspired bachelorette party? No problem. Nada can hook you up. Want to book a large happy hour with work friends to celebrate the end of a project? Nada is just a few steps away with drinks that satisfy and celebrate. Want to show off Columbus to some out of towners? The view from Nada’s patio is a perfect way to start the night and tell the history of the Arena District. If you are planning a big party or celebration call 614-715-8260 to set up the nitty gritty deets.

Planning on a much smaller gathering? A few close friends or just you ans someone special? You and your roommate want to go out and grab dinner? Make reservations online here or call 614-715-8260.

No matter what your plans are, Nada’s patio is a summer must-see. So stop in today and get your party on the patio!

Convenience, the biggest advantage of downtown living.

Convenience, the biggest advantage of downtown living.

There are many reasons that apartment and condo residents choose to live downtown- the #1 reason is convenience. In most areas, Columbus offers residents the convenience of walk-able restaurants, shops, events and more. If you don’t feel like walking there is a convenient stop nearby for the C-bus or how about a Co-Go rental? Rarely is walking, bike riding, or a bus ride a preferred method of transportation in the suburbs, however in Urban areas most of the places you need to go are just a few stops, or steps away.


Flats on Vine, Flats 2 and Arena Crossing are examples of convenient apartment locations that offer walk-ability to night life, events, and food. If you need to pick up some light groceries, Nelson’s Convenient Store is conveniently located. If your looking for a fun event residents can walk to Nationwide Arena for a concert or Blue Jackets Game during hockey season, or how about a baseball game at Huntington Park this summer? If you work downtown, you can even walk or bike to work!

Flats on Vine, Columbus Apartments, Downtown living, Columbus Underground

For soon to be condo residents at Parks Edge, the Scioto Mile is a major convenience. With the addition of activities like movies on the mile, and renovated bike and running paths you can still live in the city and have park conveniences right in your back yard! Did you know the Scioto Autoban Park includes a dog park for small and large dogs as well as places to hike, fish and even rock climb!


So much to do at your finger tips. Living downtown is truly a convenient and fun experience for all!


Celebrate the 4th in Downtown Columbus!

Celebrate the 4th in Downtown Columbus! 

Taste of Boom 3pm-11pm 

What a better way to pass the time before the fireworks than getting your foodie fix?

Taste of Boom takes place in the Arena District and features some of our favorite restaurants! This year’s Taste of Boom featured restaurants are BD’s Mongolian Grill, Gordon Biersch, Jimmy John’s, Studio Movie Grill, Ted’s Montana Grill, Mikey’s Late Night Slice and Big Bang Bar. There will also be some fair favorites such as funnel cakes, snow cones and more! Make sure to check out the Boom Plaza Party sponsored by Three-Legged Mare. The Boom Plaza Party will feature food, drinks and live music!


Red White and Boom Fireworks 10pm

Fireworks will be fired off from the east bank of Genoa Park at 10pm. Hosted live by WNCI personalities Dave and Jimmy at the corner of Broad Street and Civic Center.

Many stages will be made available for viewing such as Bicentennial Park, Huntington Park, Boom Central and more. If you’re one of those lucky downtown apartment or condo residents, you may just be lucky enough to have a patio view! Known as the most recognizable fireworks display in the Midwest, Red, White and Boom 2016 is an event you don’t want to miss! If your worried about tricky traffic after the fireworks, consider sitting in a comfortable theater and catch one of the hot new summer releases while you wait for the traffic to clear. Check out movie times that will be starting directly after the fireworks at Studio Movie Grill!

RWB-Huntingotn Park

Ballpark Boom

If your looking for more family activities prior to fireworks,  check out Ballpark Boom! Ballpark Boom is featuring activities for all ages including zip-lining, inflatables for the little ones, and other on the field fun! Ballpark Boom will also include access to concessions and live music! Two concerts will play through the evening beginning with The British Invasion from 6:30-8:30 followed by Hard Days Night from 9pm to 9:50pm. Fireworks can be viewed following the second live set. Tickets are only $5.00 with the option for Wristbands $20 which include Field Activities (including zipline, etc). Creativity Zone (inflatables) tickets for ages 12 and under are available at $10.

RWB-Doo dah Parade

The Doo Dah Parade

Looking for something fun to do while your off on Monday the fourth? Look no further than the Doo Dah Parade! This wacky spectacle they call the politically incorrect spin on a parade is from 1pm-3pm with a block party from 10am-7pm. There is no entry fee if you want to be in this zany celebration, but understand this is not your typical parade! A spin on current events usually play a big factor in the creativity and humor seen in the parade, with a few of your returning favorites like Batman in his Batmobile or Pee Wee Herman on his Red Bike. Some of the participants are just wrong and others are so wrong they are right! For laughs and a fun afternoon activity make sure to catch the Doo Dah parade, it may become an annual tradition if it’s not already! For parade route and more incorrect information: