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5 Apartment Interior Design Trends That We Love for 2020

As the new year settles in, we often think about how much our personal lives are in need of refreshing. One of our biggest influences is the environment we choose to live in, as our home deserves the same level of attention that we give ourselves.


From creating new spaces to giving rooms a makeover, there are several ways to bring your downtown Columbus apartment back to life. Using the latest interior design trends for 2020, here are a few styles to inspire your home décor this year.

5 Apartment Interior Design Trends That We Love for 2020

1 .The Japandi Style

Japandi is the fusion between Japanese and Scandinavian style. Aesthetically pleasing with cultural influences, this style is minimalist, simple and functional. It includes natural textures, neutral tones and bright, open spaces paired with the rustic elements of Japanese style.


To achieve this 2020 trend in your Columbus apartment, less is more. Keep furniture simple and add colors that evoke calmness and comfort. Hand-crafted items with clean lines and wooden textures allow for a deeper sense of connection to your environment.

5 Apartment Interior Design Trends That We Love for 2020

2. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns and shapes are trending up in apartment interior design. While you can find geometric anything, anywhere, it’s easy to fall into the trap of overdoing it. In 2020, pick any area of your home that you would like to make a bold statement—a place that will grasp attention and everyone’s favorite place to meet. In the kitchen, for example, a geometric pattern on the island in your kitchen or backsplash will be the perfect place to start!

5 Apartment Interior Design Trends That We Love for 2020

3. Bold Black & White

The most stunning, dramatic, and sophisticated apartment interior design trend for 2020 is the clash between black and white. With several ways to incorporate this into your home, contemporary interior designers often combine these colors with a pop of color or sleek metals. To appropriately balance black and white rooms, use black as the accent color and white as the main shade.

5 Apartment Interior Design Trends That We Love for 2020

4. Shades of Pink

Thinking about brightening up your apartment? The variations of pink are a major trend in 2020. The pink color wheel includes blush, millennial pink, pastel pink, rose pink, bronze, taupe, and other light pink shades that will stand out in a neutral room. A touch of feminine tones around the apartment—whether used as accents or features—will provide a subtle, natural appeal no matter your gender.

5 Apartment Interior Design Trends That We Love for 2020

5. Personalized Bathroom Design

Our final 2020 apartment trend takes a trip to the bathroom—the place where we spend a good portion of time grooming, styling and getting ready for the day ahead. When it comes to interior design, bathrooms are a great place to experiment and have fun.


With options to have daring wall décor, paintings and choosing elements that symbolize your personality, designing your bathroom allows for a level of personalization that you might not be able to pull off in other rooms.


What is your favorite apartment interior design trend for 2020? Share it in the comments below!


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