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Best in Class – Grandview Yard takes the prize

Original post by Columbus Underground

2014 was a big year for urban development all throughout the downtown Columbus region. Construction cranes could be found overhead in many busy areas while countless other new infill projects were announced all throughout the entire year. While some bemoan the loss of parking or worry about the loss of small town charm, others remain excited that the added density will bring about more walkability, new retail businesses, and improved neighborhood aesthetics.

When we polled our readers about their favorite development projects of the year, the one that stood out above all others was Grandview Yard, located in Grandview Heights. This 100-acre brownfield redevelopment has been well underway for several years, but experienced some major milestones to make 2014 a significant point in time for the project. New openings included the Giant Eagle Market District, Hofbrauhaus, our very own Keystone Apartments and a second parking deck. The development earned its LEED certification. And most importantly, a massive new office campus for Nationwide Insurance was announced, which will bring 3,000 employees to the site by 2019.

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