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Construction Continues at Grandview Yard Development

Construction Continues at Grandview Yard Development
New Nationwide Insurance offices under construction at Grandview Yard

The 125-acre Grandview Yard site has been a construction zone since work first began eight years ago, and the ongoing work continues to fill in the massive redevelopment projects in the suburb of Grandview Heights.

A quick drive through the site reveals progress on all types of new development, ranging from office space for Nationwide Insurance to for-sale homes at Pullman Way to a mid-rise condo building at 828 at the Yard. Other projects currently under construction include the five-story mixed-use Manchester Building and a new Chick Fil-A location facing Third Avenue.

Check out more projects, information and construction photos below.

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All photos by Walker Evans

Work is wrapping up at The Manchester building on Yard Street.
More new offices for Nationwide Insurance are under construction.
New for-sale homes and townhomes are being built on Pullman Way.
Framing is under way at the new Grandview Yard ChicK-Fil-A location.