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Convenience, the biggest advantage of downtown living.

Convenience, the biggest advantage of downtown living.

There are many reasons that apartment and condo residents choose to live downtown- the #1 reason is convenience. In most areas, Columbus offers residents┬áthe convenience of walk-able restaurants, shops, events and more. If you don’t feel like walking there is a convenient stop nearby for the C-bus or how about a Co-Go rental? Rarely is walking, bike riding, or a bus ride a preferred method of transportation in the suburbs, however in Urban areas most of the places you need to go are just a few stops, or steps away.


Flats on Vine, Flats 2 and Arena Crossing are examples of convenient apartment locations that offer walk-ability to night life, events, and food. If you need to pick up some light groceries, Nelson’s Convenient Store is conveniently located. If your looking for a fun event residents can walk to Nationwide Arena for a concert or Blue Jackets Game during hockey season, or how about a baseball game at Huntington Park this summer? If you work downtown, you can even walk or bike to work!

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For soon to be condo residents at Parks Edge, the Scioto Mile is a major convenience. With the addition of activities like movies on the mile, and renovated bike and running paths you can still live in the city and have park conveniences right in your back yard! Did you know the Scioto Autoban Park includes a dog park for small and large dogs as well as places to hike, fish and even rock climb!


So much to do at your finger tips. Living downtown is truly a convenient and fun experience for all!