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Grandview Digfest was a huge hit in Grandview Yard

Grandview Digfest is a huge celebration of local craft brewers, craft distilleries, Ohio wines and liquors and the downtown Columbus locals who love them! This year residents at Apartments at the Yard, could look down and enjoy the festivities from their patio balconies. It took place June 13 from 4-10:30pm.

Digfest started in 2011 so this year was their 5th year and it was a huge success story for the Grandview Area Chamber.  This year’s event had a record crowd, topping 5,000 people, an over 40% increase in ticket sales and more vendors than ever.

The main attraction of the event is definitely the Ohio craft beer. Strike that. The main reason that most people drive near downtown Columbus, to Grandview Yard to go to Grandview Digfest is because of the Ohio craft beer. In what was one of the strongest showacases of local craft beer anyone has ever seen, a variety of local Ohio breweries were on hand pouring what seemed like hundreds of different beers. Actually, with each brewery pouring an average of four different beers that works out to be nearly one hundred!

Zauber Brewing Company - Columbus, Ohio    Four String Brewing Company - Columbus, Ohio    Cellar Dweller Craft Beers - Madison, Ohio.    Trevor Williams from Hoof Hearted Brewing Sidepipin' at Digfest 2014.    Sideswipe Brewing - Columbus. Ohio


Some of the Columbus local favorites were Sideswipe Brewing who was pour their summer seasonal Pixelated Sun, a delightfully hoppy rendition of a warm-weather wheat beer, and Four String Brewing who was showing off their Solo Series #7 Saison. Speaking of saison-style craft beer, there is no doubt  that saison is the new style du jour in the craft beer world. Some other great additions were Hofbrauhaus Columbus, who still cling to the German Purity Laws and can only make their beers with 5 ingredients or less! Another crowd favorite was Zauber Brewing Company who also own a storefront in Grandview right on 5th Ave. They have a delightfully lite and tasty Hefeweizen called Vertigo that has a playful banana flavor partnered perfectly with the hoppy richness you’d expect.

Grandview Craft Beer Alliance Special Tapping Digfest 2014 cropped

Despite the rainy weather this event was a massive success. By far, the most popular (and not surprisingly) cask was the Columbus Brewing Company Bodhi imperial IPA infused with pineapple and habanero peppers. The line wound its way through the throngs of thirsty people eagerly awaiting their turn at the tap. If you attended, you were lucky enough to get my hands on a cup and it was mind-blowingly delicious. Slightly sweet with a spicy, warming kick in the finish.

Make sure you put this event on your calendar for next summer!