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Growing An Urban Jungle: The Best Plants for Your Apartment Garden

Growing An Urban Jungle: The Best Plants for Your Apartment Garden

Not all plants are easy to care for or suited for indoor growing—as a renter, especially in a four-season city like Columbus—you need houseplants that can survive within your apartment space while being able to thrive in low light and moderate humidity.

Filling your living space with beautiful plants is a great way to not only bring beauty and life to your downtown apartment, but also to help purify the air and release moisture. We put together a list of the best low-maintenance plants to help make your interior green game as strong as possible.


Snake Plant

We promise it won’t bite! The snake plant can withstand weeks of neglect without losing its fresh, shapely look. They thrive in environments with low light and water, making them perfect for any novice green thumb.

Cast Iron Plant

Add life to a dark corner of your home with the shade-loving cast iron plant! This plant isn’t needy and is known for its durability and survivability. When it comes to watering your cast iron plant, less is more.


With thousands of colorful varieties—big and small—to choose from, succulents are nearly indestructible and last a lifetime. These plants love indirect sunlight and only need to be watered a few times per month, and even less in the winter!

Peace Lily

Often referred to as the “closet plant,” this plant can survive in small, dim spaces, but blooms beautifully with more sunlight. The peace lily doesn’t require much water, but will always let you know when it’s thirsty as its leaves begin to droop.

Spider Plant

Unlike a real spider, you won’t want to kill this plant! Easy to maintain, the spider plant enjoys moderate sunlight and only needs to be watered once a week. This plant thrives when its roots are crowded and will live happily in any sized space.


Already know which plant you’re getting? There are tons of flower shops in Columbus that sell these houseplants and more!

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