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How to Make the Most of Your Apartment Office Space

For many of us in Columbus and beyond, our apartment homes have become more than a place for relaxation—they have temporarily become an extension of the office. While working from your apartment offers many advantages, you’ll eventually learn that you can’t work from your bed too long and will want to assemble a home office space.

Finding the perfect space in your apartment for a home office can have you feeling more productive, happier and healthier than ever before. Follow these five tips to nail your apartment office space.


Apartment Office Location

Finding the best location is the most important step in creating your apartment office. No matter how big your place is, there will be at least some room you can designate as a workspace—you just have to be a little creative and make a little wiggle room to make it happen.

Sometimes, choosing a location like the living room can create more space and make the room feel open instead of cramped up in a bedroom corner or closet. To get the job done, take stock of the furniture in your room and rearrange things to create the needed space. Drawing the room out on paper can help make the planning process more precise.

If you’re finding that your current space is a little too cramped, consider searching for a 1-bedroom floorplan with a den. Dens are trending as a great solution for a standalone office space for those not utilizing it as a second bedroom. Single bedroom floor plans with a den are typically a little smaller than a two-bedroom plan and a little lighter on the pocketbook.

If you’re thinking about living in the Columbus area, be sure to check out these apartments that offer single bedroom floorplans with a den: Arena Crossing, Flats on Vine, Flats II, and Apartments at the Yard.

Bonus tip—If your apartment has a view of downtown Columbus, consider moving your desk near the window.


Start with the Must-Haves

Before you consider purchasing new office furniture, think about everything you will need and how you would use it. Home offices are great because you can design it your way and make it beautiful! Choosing the right desk, chair, shelves and storage should complement the furniture and décor you already have. Investing in a great desk chair can make those long hours you spend sitting at your desk more comfortable. Try browsing ergonomic chair options to see what works best for you.



One of the best parts about putting together your apartment office space is curating all the materials and accessories needed to make it complete. You can add personalized touches like a decorative bulletin board to keep track of all-important dates and information, vibrant coffee mugs, a pretty pencil holder, inspirational art or prints on the wall, etc.—anything that will have you feeling motivated, productive and empowered while working from home.


Don’t Forget What’s Behind You

If you’re working from home, there’s a good chance you use videoconferencing software like Zoom or Microsoft Teams to stay connected with clients and coworkers. How often have you been in a meeting and found yourself focused more on what was behind your boss than your boss themselves?

Messy, bland or embarrassing room scenery can make for a distracting videoconferencing experience, so make sure what’s behind you is neat and appropriate. Going further, you can even add artsy touches like wall prints or a bookshelf to make your video’s background the envy of your team. Most tools even allow for fun virtual backgrounds—like these from Experience Columbus. Knock your next meeting out of the park with this Arena District, Huntington Park inspired background.


Maintain Office Hours

Being at home, it’s important to maintain regular office hours if you want to maximize your time and productivity. While you may be able to work whenever you want for now, having a routine and fixed schedule can put you square into “work mode” and help you maintain a healthier work-life balance. With that being said, you might want to include a clock in your home office to keep track of time and help you stay focused.

While working from your apartment home office may not be as comfortable or attractive as working at the out-of-home office with your peers right down the hall, there are lots of opportunities to make the best of a temporary work from home order. Discovering what styles fits your taste and using your imagination to start setting up your workstation can turn it into something you can truly be proud of!

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