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Are you a LittleEater? You should be

The North Market, located across the street from Arena Crossing Apartments on Vine St., is once again a full house. It (generally) doesn’t have too many openings and the last vacant spot was taken by LittleEater, a pop-up restaurant that has seen the inside of the Hills Market. Run by Chef Cara Mangini, LittleEater is set to open in January. The shop will have salads, sandwiches, soups, quiches and more. “I have dreamed of opening Little Eater at North Market for a long time. It’s a great honor to have this opportunity to serve downtown Columbus and its visitors, and to be in the mix with so many talented merchants and food artisans,” says Mangini in a release. This new location will be very convenient for all downtown Columbus apartment dwellers!

LittleEater, is the acclaimed foodie heaven, featuring produce-inspired and locally-sourced dishes. The menu is fun and flexible—designed to give you a little bit of this and a little bite of that.  You can mix and match scoops like local cherry tomatoes and sweet corn with quinoa and basil vinaigrette, mixed melons and pickled onions with chile and mint, and beet and farro salad. You will also find a special crostini, frittata and sandwich on the menu each week. The produce is delivered directly from the local farmers who grew it. They prep it, slice it, cook it, dress it and plate it, often within 24 hours of harvest. That has us pretty excited (and hungry).

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