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Macarons to make your heart swoon

Fall is the season for eating. It’s proven that as winter draws near, people get hungrier and eat more. Are you getting a case of the Winter Munchies? You are not alone. And we know of a place that have the treats and sweets you have been craving for.

Located only a few miles from our fabulous apartment communities in German Village there is a pastry kitchen and cafe called Pistacia Vera. This quaint little shop makes foods that really pack in the flavor. It makes the perfect stop right now because as the weather gets colder, this shop stays happy and warm and fool of sweet treats and savory eats.

Are you planning on having family visit for the holidays? Save yourself the hassle by taking them to brunch for the delectable Bacon, Swiss Chard and Onion Quiche. Using double smoked bacon and onion confit this little breakfast bite will usher in peach and quiet as everyone enjoys each bite.

Perhaps you need to get some treats to impress your boss this Christmas. Look no further. Pistacia Vera’s pastry chef  Jessica Bryant does magic in her kitchen. Her Pistachio Honey Nougat is full of honey, orange blossom water and the feels like a hug for your mouth. They also offer perfect cocoa truffles that are hand-rolled and have the slightest hint of Cognac. If your mouth isn’t watering, read this paragraph again.

If you are in the need of baked goods for Thanksgiving you simply can’t go wrong. Try the Madeleine, a lemon French tea cake. Or the Cannele which is a tea cake with caramelized baked custard infused with rum. And finally, you have to try the Macarons. There are a variety of flavors but it seems that the pumpkin chai is the most popular.

If you can’t get to their German Village location, you can walk across the street from the Arena Crossing apartments to North Market to visit them there. Get them the treats that they crave and visit Pistacia Vera today!