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Make a (safe) splash this summer: sharing common pool spaces and what you should consider

Residents are ready to make a splash this summer and through extra precautionary measures, apartment and condo homes in the Arena District and Grandview Yard have opened despite some of the community pools in downtown Columbus and surrounding areas, remaining closed.

With apartment pools hosting a smaller number of people than community pools, the reservation system put into place by communities such as Arena Crossing, Flats on Vine and Apartments at the Yard, ensure adequate space to have fun and maintain distance. To ensure that pools can remain open, additional pool guidelines and rules have been created in the wake of COVID-19.

If you’re enjoying your apartment or condominium swimming pool this year, make the experience pleasant and safe for everyone by following these simple rules of thumb:


Mask Up

While we are sure to see some amazing tan lines this year (and can’t wait to see what internet memes come out of it), you are not required to wear a mask the entire time you enjoy the pool. The CDC simply suggests that people frequenting common pool areas should wear a cloth covering around the deck especially, when near others. You should not wear a mask inside the pool for your safety as they can be difficult to breathe in when wet.


Be Polite at the Pool

While open community pools are allowing as many residents to the pool deck as they feel safely possible, many pools have limits to the number of residents allowed in the pool vs. the pool deck at a time. If you have reserved a slot and have been in the pool for a long time, consider getting out to allow someone else to take a dip – after all it is hot out! When in the pool, be sure not to go overboard – a game of chicken is probably not safe and splashing or showing your best cannonball is disrespectful to those trying to sunbathe on the deck.


Don’t Share Swim Gear

While we would never support sharing swim trunks or earplugs anytime (just gross), the swapping of swim gear should be taken even less lightly due to COVID-19. Though you may mean well, and you and the requester go way back, sharing pool equipment like goggles and snorkels pose several risks, as they touch the face and prove difficult to disinfect. That said, keep your gear to yourself.


Follow the Rules

While you might feel the urge to eye-roll the idea of following pool rules, they should be taken seriously. Most apartment and condominium communities in Columbus have expanded on pool rules posted throughout the area specific to COVID-19 guidelines and keeping residents safe. Chances are there is no lifeguard on duty, so personal responsibility is key, and guidelines are important to ensure a full pool season. The last thing apartment communities want is one person to ruin the summer fun for all.


Keep it Clean

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we could all be a little tidier. If the sell-out of many disinfectant sprays and hand-sanitizer didn’t tip you off, to fight bacteria and illness, common areas need to remain as clean as possible and while we aren’t asking you to pack disinfectant spray in your pool bag, we are offering a reminder that cleanliness is incredibly important right now. Remember to leave behind a clean spot to soak up the sun for the next group of residents. Additionally, cleanliness before and after entering the pool is important, so soap-up and rinse before and after entering the area.


Apartment and condominium pools should be enjoyed to the fullest this Summer. Following these guidelines will help you to stay a good neighbor and continue to receive those party invites when things get back to normal.

For resident convenience, we have added the pool rules for Apartments at the Yard HERE, Arena Crossing HERE and Flats on Vine | Flats II HERE.