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Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Apartment

In Columbus, springtime is arguably the best time of year. The sun stays out longer, the weather starts to warm up, the flowers and trees are in bloom and people are all-around in better moods.

There is really nothing to complain about during this beautiful season–or is there? Unfortunately, when springtime comes around, it usually comes with the task we all dread: spring cleaning our apartments.

Although this can be a grueling, not-so-fun activity, it doesn’t have to be as hard as it may seem. Here are some helpful tips to make your apartment spring-cleaning process easier and a little more enjoyable.


How to Start

For starters, in order to feel organized and ready to tackle this task, you should always come up with a plan for what needs to be done in each room. You’ll feel confident and get more things done when you create a checklist to consult.

The first step for a successful spring-cleaning day is start with decluttering. Donate, toss or recycle appropriate items in your apartment to clear some space or prepare for new additions. Then, you’ll want to clean each room one by one—this will allow you to focus your energy on one thing at a time, rather than moving disjointedly from task to task and creating more work for yourself.

With that being said, each room in your apartment will need its own checklist, as not all call for the same tasks. Here are some ideas to keep in mind while moving from room to room.



  • Fridge clean-out. Although cleaning appliances can be the most grueling things to clean in the kitchen, it is one of the most important. Organize your fridge and throw out old food, drinks and expired condiments. Once you’ve tossed the items that are no longer needed, you should take the time to wipe down shelves and drawers to make your fridge extra shiny and clean.
  • Reorganize cabinets and drawers. Spring is the perfect time to go through your cabinets and find the items that are broken, unused or simply no longer necessary to keep around. By doing this, you’ll be able to make a list of what you need to purchase for future use. This is especially important if you find yourself entertaining quite often. Don’t forget to clean out those drawers! We all have a junk drawer or two that need extra love when it comes to organizing.
  • Lemon peels. Don’t toss those lemon peels just yet! For the times you don’t have an air freshener laying around your apartment, put a few lemon peels in your garbage disposal to release a crisp, citrus scent throughout your kitchen. Your kitchen will be smelling fresh and springtime ready!


Living Area

  • Clean the windows. This is a great place to start in the area you probably spend most of your time in. With the weather getting nicer and the outside looking prettier, you’ll probably want to keep your blinds open more often than not. Before doing so, get rid of streaks on windows and dust on blinds, and provide a crystal-clear view for more sun to shine in your apartment.
  • Vacuum the floors. Although this should be done quite often in anyone’s apartment, sometimes we can get a little lazy in the winter months. Vacuum your hardwood and carpet floors and get rid of any allergens that might be stuck. If you’re a pet owner, be sure not to skimp out on this task!
  • Clean the screens. After a wintertime of streaming TV shows and movies, dust and finger prints can easily collect on your screens. Spray some glass cleaner and a towel and wipe away those prints. You’ll make your show and movie-watching much more vivid by completing this task.



  • Switch clothes and shoes. Now that winter clothes and shoes are no longer needed, it’s time to switch out the cold and make room for the warm! Go through your closet and store away large sweaters and other bulky items that you won’t be wearing for a while. You can also store those boots and pretend winter never happened. This would also be a good time to make a donation pile for clothes you can’t see yourself ever wearing again.
  • Rearrange your furniture. Sometimes you need something new but can’t figure out what exactly the ‘new’ needs to be. Instead of purchasing items for your bedroom that’ll liven up the place, try rearranging your bedroom furniture. This will trick your mind into thinking you’re in a completely new space! It’s easy to do and you don’t have to spend a dime!
  • Wash your sheets. This simple task can make a huge difference in any bedroom. Sleeping on clean sheets could be the equivalent to sleeping on clouds. Exaggeration? Not at all. You’ll love the feeling of your soft, fresh sheets, and they’ll smell good too! Try getting into the habit of washing your sheets weekly this spring. You won’t regret it.



  • Throw out unnecessary products. Bathroom products can build up over time in your apartment, especially the ones that are never used. Start by going through each product and deciding whether you’ll ever use it again. If not, throw it away. You should also go through and make sure items aren’t expired. You don’t want to be using products that can harm you, and they shouldn’t be sitting in your bathroom either!
  • Clean grout and drains. No one said scrubbing your bathtub or shower would be a fun job, but its necessary. Make sure to grab some grout and drain cleaner during your next grocery store visit. When using these products, make sure to let them sit before washing them away. You’ll get maximum cleaning results by using this trick!
  • Make a place for everything. Bathrooms can look cluttered with the daily items we use like toothbrushes, hair dryers, etc. In order to maintain an organized look and feel to this room, make a place for everything. Find some nice baskets at a local store and utilize closet and cabinet space for storage. Keep the counters clear and you’ll be feeling like a cleaning master!


When your apartment spring cleaning comes to an end, there’s only one more thing to do—crack a few windows and let the fresh air flow in. It’s now time to sit back, relax and enjoy the cleanliness of your Columbus apartment!