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Using Succulents to Decorate your Apartment

If you are looking for cheap ways to decorate your Downtown Columbus Apartment, there is no better way than to use succulents to brighten up a room.

Succulents are low maintenance plant companions that are resilient against the most cursed of thumbs (I’m looking at you 20-something-men). And there are so many quirky varieties to suit your style! Once you try planting these guys, you’ll wonder why you ever fussed with any high maintenance froufrou plants. Ever! Whether you buy or DIY, the planting possibilities for succulents are endless — but let’s start with 19 fun-easy options.

1. DIY Succulents and Terrariums: The unfinished ceramic base plus a simple glass top create a beautiful little world for your succulents and opens up a whole other world. (Of DIY potential!) (via A Daily Something)

2. Murus Terrarium ($95): For minimal design with elegance, geometric is the way to go. Wiry succulents balance the clean lines of the terrarium perfectly.

3. Succulent Terrarium and Planter: For a more well-rounded approach, go globular. Dangle it in front of a window for a little inside green. (via Adventures in Cooking)

4. Hanging Succulent Planter: It’s cute-meets-rustic. DIY this little ball of lovely. (via Brit + Co.)

5. Mini Zen Garden ($50): Fit in your moment of zen with your own private meditation garden. You can’t sit in it, but making swirls in the sand seems calming.

6. DIY Succulent Table: This is a centerpiece that’s here to stay. Let the backyard festivities begin! (via Far Out Flora)

7. Oblong Chiseled Tray ($68): Don’t overlook the powder room. These little blooms bring hard surfaces to life.

8. The Trapeze Planter: Finally, a planter that gives succulents the stage they deserve. Balancing with grace, they’re sure to liven up any extra ceiling space. (via Poppy Haus)

9. Gilded Terracotta Pots: A little gold leaf will always class things up. It’s the perfect touch of elegance. (via Design Sponge)

10. Plant Pods: These shelves are ideal to liven up a blank wall and spare yourself the precious counter space. Better still, this project was just funded on Kickstarter!

11. Cork Planter Bookend Set ($50): We love housewares that do double duty. But triple duty? Your bookends never got so much action.

12. Head Planter: Ditch the Chia pet and upscale your cranium crafting.

13. Vertical Succulent Planter Garden: Aren’t they as pretty as a picture? Frame up your floral succulents.

14. Succulent Monogrammed Planter Box: You can see your name in lights. Or um, plants.

 15. DIY Succulent Lantern Planter: In lieu of candles, lanterns make great houses for plants. Some may even call it a plantern. (via Butter Paper Studios)

16. Dinosaur Planter ($25): Herbivore or carnivore, these dino planters are crowd-pleasers.

17. Air Plant Mobile ($45): These little air plants dangling from the sky are like a minimal jungle. Go mobile!

18. Jellyfish Air Plant ($25): Land, sea and sky come together in a dream-like take on hanging plants.

19. Vertical Wall Planter: With your wall in full bloom, the only place to go is up! (via Luna See)