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What Size Apartment Do I Need?

If you’ve been asking yourself, “What size apartment do I need?”, you’re not alone. Nobody wants to move into a unit that’s too small, or too big. Finding that perfect medium depends on a variety of factors, and since Columbus Downtown Apartments offer spaces in virtually every size, we put together this guide to help you nail down your ideal square footage. 



When scouting locations for your next apartment, it’s best to prioritize neighborhoods that are safe, secure and convenient. A large apartment far from the city center may be affordable, but you may end up eating the cost anyways when factoring in gas, drive time, nearby conveniences, utility selection and a host of other hidden variables. 

On the other hand, a centrally located neighborhood like downtown Columbus’ Arena District offers generously sized apartments at an often-affordable price, in addition to exclusive perks, fantastic amenities and—perhaps best of all—incredibly close proximity to things like restaurants, nature trails, pro sports venues and entertainment destinations. 



The amount of money you’re willing to spend per month on an apartment is one of the biggest deciding factors in the size you end up with. If you don’t know how much you can afford, use a rent calculator to help you figure it out. Downtown Columbus apartments offer a wide variety of unit sizes, price ranges and add-ons everywhere from the Arena District to Grandview Yard to ensure you’ll always find the exact right space to live. 


Living Situation

Looking for an apartment with a family or roommate can be a bit more challenging than finding one on your own. While it may not be a forever home, your unit should reflect the needs and wants of all parties involved, and there may need to be compromise on certain things. Write out a list of all desired amenities, and try to match up on the most important before beginning your search. 



The size of your apartment should reflect your priorities and ambitions. Ask yourself what you plan to do with the space, how often you’ll entertain, whether you need a remote office, the importance of being close to restaurants and nightlife, the amount of storage space you’ll need, etc. Considering all potential factors of use will help influence your decision, so leave no stone unturned. 



Before determining what size apartment you need, it’s important to know the different apartment layouts that may be available. These include:

Studio Apartment

Typically the smallest and most affordable apartment size, studios span just one room (not including the bathroom), making them efficient albeit comfortable only for one person or a couple. Available studios in downtown Columbus include: 

1-Bedroom Apartment

Roomier than a studio, single-bedroom apartments typically vary in size, but still best suit one person or a couple. They usually feature large living rooms and full-size kitchens, allowing for all the comforts one might need. Available 1 bedroom units in downtown Columbus include:

2-Bedroom Apartment

One of the most popular apartment layouts there is, two-bedrooms apartment units offer practical living space for two roommates, or one person/couple who want a spare bedroom or office. Available 2 bedroom apartments in downtown Columbus include:

3+ Bedroom Apartment

An apartment with three or more bedrooms is guaranteed to be spacious, higher end and amenity-rich. Typically the most expensive of the layouts, these are best suited for families or multiple roommates who enjoy plenty of privacy and perks. Available 3 bedroom apartments in downtown Columbus include: