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What Your Columbus Apartment Pet Needs to Feel at Home

If you own a pet and recently moved—or are thinking about moving to—a downtown Columbus apartment, there are several things you can do to make that furry friend feel immediately at home. But before we go into those details, you should know the types of pet that are allowed in your apartment complex.

Flats on Vine | Flats II | Grandview Yard

  • Allows cats and dogs up to 50 lbs.
  • Max of 2 pets per apartment home

Arena Crossing Apartments

  • Allows cats only
  • Max of 2 cats per apartment home

Take Plenty of Walks

Once you’ve selected the right Columbus apartment for you and your pet, it’s time to get acclimated. Arena District dog owners can go on a short walk to the Columbus Downtown Dog Park on 4th St. for some exercise and fraternization, while Grandview Yard residents can take a scenic river drive to nearby Scioto Audubon Dog Park. Check out our blog post for several more dog-friendly places near your Columbus apartment—there’s no shortage of walkable areas for residents and their pets to explore!

Get Some Pet Furniture

Cats and dogs like to have their own space in order to maximally adapt to apartment life. Some cozy furniture in a roomy corner of the living room or bedroom can make your pet feel like royalty and do wonders for their sense of happiness. This can include a plush bed, warm blanket, a soft rug or scratching post. 

Play Brain Games

Brain games are a good way to get pets to better adapt to the environment around them. For example, if there are certain areas of the apartment you want your pet to use more often than others, hide treats in those areas. This makes it seem like those spots have more to do and find, and they’ll be more apt to explore. 

Unleash Their Inner Window Watcher

Whether dog or cat, pets love windows. As territorial animals, they need to see the line between their territory—your apartment—and the outside world. While many downtown Columbus have oversized windows showing panoramic views, it’s also a good idea to provide a window perch to make your pet feel bigger and perceive dominance over their domain. 

Give Them Interactive Toys

Pets crave stimulation, and play time is a big part of that entertainment. But for the few of us that don’t work from home, or are gone for consistently prolonged periods of time, be sure to stock up on self-stimulating toys for your pet to enjoy while you’re out. There are plenty of smartphone activated toys that allow you to engage with your furry friend no matter how far away you may be—which is especially nice if you just want to relax when you return home.